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uh oh....help!


New Member
hello ladies and gentlemen....

i have a question regarding my desay vinyl cutter xy540p (hope thats right). anyway, im having some trouble with it and would really apreciate some help. every so often, especially when doing larger images like 46" by however long it will cut lines all over the image that are not supposed to be there.

example: image is lots of circles. no straight lines

action: cutter will start cutting the correct image then make a diagonal line all the way across the image. usually it will do this several times randomly. as if it wants to reset to a certain point but it moves with the blade down. im baffled.

ive been doing cutting vinyl for some time but only recently with this machine and software. is it a problem with the xy-540p? or the flexi software? has anyone experienced this? its getting very frustrating and wasting alot of my precious glow in the dark vinyl!! aarrrgghhh!!

thanks for listening!


Tim N

New Member
Mine has done it too since day one! I had a problem with a loose connection and or bad cable. After that was solved it was ok for a month or so then started again. It is a junk cutter and I learned my lesson. You get what you pay for. I bought a used 12 year old or so Roland cutter and it is twice the machine the Desay is. If you can send it back , you will get no tech support from the company. If you do have any luck solving the problem post your results I'd be interested to hear what it is. Maby then I'll pull it out of the basement and give it another chance.

Bob 67

New Member
Hey Mat,

Check under the top lid. Last year I had a similar problem with the wiring harness rubbing on the inside when trying to cut larger graphics, It had worn right thru exposing one of the wires.

Kevin Newby

may not be your plotter...my old ioline studio 8 does that on rare occassions too. might have something to do with drivers or hpgl
code glitch? possilby a memory error in the plotter? try cutting
by not "spooling" to the plotter memory, just use the direct cut
method if your software has it...just a thought...might have nothing
to do with it.


New Member
wow, thanks everyone for the responses and advice!

yes, it does do it mainly on large graphics...hmmm? we used to have a roland and never ever had a problem....and my friend bought this one brand new in the box for $300 bucks so were not out too much i guess. just had to get one asap and it was close to us so we got it. oh well. kinda sucks though because ive got about 200 feet of graphics to get done...lol! im going to "look under the hood" as suggested to see if somethings up.

anyway thanks alot, seriously!



My Roland would randomly hack up a job. I don't think I got what I paid for.