Unintended Solar Oven


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[FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]A few months ago I installed a multi part sign. Between the posts at the top is a sandblasted redwood sign. Below that Is a box with glass that slides in tracks that houses one of those changeable message boards, the type with the slots that letters with tabs press into.

I got a call recently from customer saying that the sun heats the panel and the slats seem to weld together and eat the tabs off the letters and she needs to spend considerable time with tweezers removing the tabs that have seperated from the letters.

This is happening with winter sun.

She is wondering if there is a way to get magnetic letters and cover the slat board with sheet metal?

Any helpful ideas will be appreciated.

m giese

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a google search for magnetic sign letters will turn up a number of vendors for DIE CUT magnetic letters. Did a scheduling board years ago for a company i ran. We a painted piece of sheetmetal white, and used magnetic strips from the office supply stores with a color coded p-touch type label stuck on it and it worked great.

I imagine the mag. letters would as well. Check the UV stability of the color on the letters and advise customer accordingly.

I would stick with a light background and contrasting dark letters, less heat absorbtion by the sheet metal.


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I wonder if there is a grade of magnetic material that will cut on the plotter without compromising the electronics of my Graphtec?