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Upgrade from Corel Draw 8?

Graphic Language

New Member
Just wondering if it's worth it to get an upgrade from ver 8 to a newer version. For those of you that have used Corel Draw 8 and are now on ver 12, let me know if it was worth the move.

Thanks, Bryce


New Member
I have versions 8, 10, 11, 12 and always seem to fall back on 8 as it seems to be the most stable and reliable of the programs.

Graphic Language

New Member
Thanks.. So I'm not missing out on some new super-duper feature or anything by not upgrading? If not, I guess I'll just stick to what I've got.



New Member
I have 8, 9 & 12... I like 12 the most now... even though some stuff is easier to design in 9.
12 just looks cool, takes time to learn some of the short cuts...


New Member
I have used 8, 9, and now have 12...

I prefer 12. The thing I like the most is the improved snap-to-objects features. If you find yourself doing a lot of node-editing, the improved snap-to-objects features can take some of the effort out of that. In which case, you might consider the upgrade...but be careful, because it will need a lot of RAM, harddisk space, and a good processor speed...if your computer is more than a year old...you might better stay with 8.

If you don't find yourself doing much node editing anyways...probably no need to upgrade (unless you do a lot of design for professional print jobs...in which case it might be good to stay current with software).

My main concern would be could your computer handle it, really. If your computer was made close to the time v.8 came out, probably not.

Just my 2 cents.