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Upgrade from Graphix Advantage 6.0 to Omega 2.0...Please Advise!


New Member
Does anyone have any tips and / or warnings for me before I upgrade my Graphix Advantage 6.0 system to Omega 2.0? Will all my files transfer?

Is it true that I can get a complete Omega 2.0 system along with an upgrade for the Graphix Advantage 6.0 system that I have now (so I will be running 2 stations) for cheaper than if I just bought the one whole Omega 2.0 system?

This is the quote I just recieved....

Gerber Omega CS software.........$2495.00


Gerber Omega CS software....$1295.00
along with Graphix Advantage upgrade for $895.00
Total $2190.00

It just seems wierd to me that I can get a complete system plus a system upgrade for less than if I just bought the complete system alone. It's as if I am getting the upgrade (with dongle) for free. Salesman says it is because Gerber charges less for multiple systems. Does this sound fishy to you??

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
No, it's legit. Most software publishers discount licenses for additional seats of the same software. What I don't understand is why you would be charged $2495 in the first place since this would be a second seat you are buying.

If you go with two seats, I would highly recommend to you that you run GA on one and Omega on the other until you are comfortable with just Omega. then install the upgrade to that seat. For me, it was immediate ... I had no problem absorbing the changes. Others I heard from had more difficulty.

Your GA files will all open just fine in Omega but anything you save in Omega will not open in GA unless you select to Save As GA 6.0. Other than that it's a painless and relatively transition to a product that is much better than GA.

I would recommend that you tell your dealer that you want the two seats serialized the same so that your fonts generated through either the TTF Converter or Font Designer will work on either system.


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Can you explain a little more about the "serialization" for me? What does it mean and how do I do that?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It really only applies to fonts at this point.

If you convert a TrueType font on one system, use it, save the job and later open the job on the other system, you will likely want the font to be available there also. The easiest way to do this is to copy the converted font file from the Gspfonts folder on the system that created it to the same folder on the second system. But since Gerber use a serialization to each system for the fonts it converts, you will find that the font will not work on the second system unless they are setup to to use the same serialization.

This is something that can be done without any problem, but you have to request it.