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Upgrading computer - how much do I need?

Phil Swanson

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I need to upgrade my computer and am wondering how much power I will need to run Flexi 7.6 with A Versa camm SP300. I don't want to shortchange myself for future additions but I'm not sure how much I should go for.


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Upgrade meaning.. "I need to buy a new computer"

Most of the time you are not going to upgrade an older pc. we are going to tell you to "upgrade" to a P4 HT . 3Ghz. and 4gig ram some sort of raid hard drive setup if it is going to be storage for jobs.. ect..

Are you going to toss the old pc and get a new one to do all the work , Design, Storage, Print from Flexi to your SP300 .. or are you looking to build a pc just to run FLEXI and send all your print jobs to it from another design computer? Either way.. look at spending at least $1000.00 , that price also depends if you are going to build this pc or go to COMPUSA and get one off the shelf...


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I would do something that JM eluded too. Get a new computer to do your design work on and run your SP300 off of your current computer. That way your new computer won't be tied up with ripping your print jobs. And yes you can design and rip on the same computer at the same time, but in the end, you'll be happier with the processes on seperate computers.

Either an Intel or AMD chip will suffice, I like AMD personally
Go for 2GB of RAM, its worth it.
Figure up how much hard drive space you want, and double it
Unless it'll double as a gaming rig, you don't need more than a $100 video card, tops.