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US Cutter & Flexi / Setting up registration marks??

Aaron Mulka

New Member
Hey All! New to Flexi and US Cutter. I have always used a Summa and illustrator for all my print and cut jobs, now that I went out on my own I had to go with a more cost effective option for now. So...

I have Felxi 12 and a US Cutter Laserpoint 3, Felxi PM reads the cutter, I can send straight plot jobs but when I try to send a PAC job, the plotter acts as if it if a straight up cut job, it will not read or even attempt to read any registration marks. I did download a US cutter driver for flexi but not sure how to set it up so the plotter will acknowledge that is is a registration mark cut job as opposed to a cut regular job. I call SAI and said it was an issue for US Cutter, and as it normally goes US Cutter said it was a Felxi issue. Any help would be awesome, thx!!


New Member
Hi, did you ever figure this out. I just bought a package with a Latex 260 printer and a Laserpoint 3 cutter. I am having the same problem you were having. been trying to figure it out now for the last 2 months. I've even tried a new beta version of Felxi that SAI sent me to try. Still same.