uscutter customer service


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Has anyone ordered any supplies from I ordered some supplies from them and have yet to recieve my full order. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. I have sent 3 emails and called twice and still nothing. Has anyone else had problems? I wont be ordering from them anymore.


Never heard of them and I have been in biz for 20+ years. Stick to Fellers and Grimco, hard to wrong with them.


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Well duh, they are the cheapest of the cheap, you get what you pay for. With them, you don't get service.

Pat Whatley

You've got to wonder about a company with a complaint section in their own web forum instead of actually getting someone on the phone to provide a solution. Hope it all works out for you.

They do have peeing Calvins in the forum for you though!


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they have a great forum............................

if you want peeing calvins and help drawing circles )))))))))))))))))