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Used mimaki jv33-130 Improper shutdown before it was shipped

i recently bought a used mimaki jv33-130 from a company called omnicapital online. They said it was a lease that was returned. Said it was in working condition and I asked if it had been shutdown properly before being shipped to them and they said yes. I got the machine and there is still ink in the lines and dampers. I have not dealt with one of these in about 10 years, but that seems wrong. I just unpacked it and have done nothing to it besides remove the carriage cover. This machine was obviously not well taken care of in the past and I was told it has been sitting for about a month. The ink is not dry in the dampers and it is using es3 inks.
My question is if this machine is ruined and I was lied to about it’s condition? Should I return it? Should I turn it on and try doing anything to flush the lines? Please help me figure out my next steps. Thank you


The Granbury Wrap & Sign Guy
I am not familiar with that particular machine, but I would power it up and do a few cleaning cycles and test print. If its gone you will know, it will be up to you how far you go in to trying to bring the head back or just return it.