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User Name Change


Sharp Images

I was using the name Sign-Solutions. I changed for two reasons, the first one being that there was already a sign-solutions registered here. The other reason was a job change, until recently I worked for a shop named Sign and Graphic Solutions.

I have gone into business for myself as Sharp Images. I am working out of my home for now with just one 24" plotter and I am looking for advice on what printer to buy. I am interested in something 36" -42" wide that has outdoor capabilities. I am familiar with the Mutoh line but would love to get feedback from all of the knowledgeable people here.

I would like to add that I am a newbie to this site, but certainly not the graphics-sign business. I have over 15 years in graphic design and production experience. Unlike my former employer who retired from the Telecom business and decided to open a sign shop!

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Using the same, 48" Mutoh. Great printer. Must say, it’s more printer than I expected, but, we have out grown it and are looking to add a bigger/faster printer (JV5). Now, you said 36"-42", what’s more important is how much printer can you afford? The Roland 30" print/cut is $15K, and the Mutoh 48" print only is $13K. If you can step up a little, the Roland 54" print and cut and the Mimaki 54" JV3 are both $19K. The Roland is easer to use and the Mimaki is a work horse. But really, you really want to go as big as you can afford. If you can only afford a 30" printer, great. If you can swing a 54" printer, and you still buy the 30", your shooting yourself in the foot. For every 2X6 banner printed, we print 20 banners 36" and wider.


New Member
I have to agree.. Wide is good.. you never expect to say "If I only had the 54" this would be easy!" If you have a cutter with optical reg. spend the exta $$$ on a wider printer, then any print/cut jobs can go into the cutter.. (unless its not wide enough).. The first sign you should hang up on your wall should say..

" There is allways one more thing to buy" :Big Laugh