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USSC lacking; Sign World 2022 cancelled


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Well if anyone followed my other Sign World thread, they would have come to the same conclusion. Sign World 2022 in A/C is cancelled. But it's amazing how inept the USSC Foundation truly has become.

They first started promoting Sign World 2022 in Sept. By the end of October, not only did they have zero updates on the seminars, they also had zero updates on which vendors were going to attend. I emailed them 2x, and the second one had Bartush signs CC'd. That's the one I finally got a response from (on 10/24). Wendy stated at that time they were working on the seminar schedule (it was about 5 weeks away and they still had nothing). She also told me as of 10/24 they had contacted all of the vendors but didn't have a chance to update the vendor list online.

Fast forward to today. I emailed Wendy again, as it was 2 weeks since our last correspondence and still no update on the website. I come to find the event was now cancelled. She didn't go into detail why, but started emails were sent out last Tuesday. But the website still shows the event as being on, and you can still register for it, too! Way to keep things updated :rolleyes: And the kicker? As of the time of cancelling, they had a WHOPPING 12 vendors lined up for the show. Wow...can't imagine how much time it would have taken to update the show floor map with having to fill in 12 vendors. Utter disaster. She said they are claiming to work towards a better show next year. They really need to get it together, it's now almost a week since they cancelled and the website still has an active link for the show.

Aiming for ISA next year, as the USSC sadly seems like it has become someone's garage pet project these days. It would have been nice if they actually put an ounce of effort into keeping things updated, good or bad. The fact that the website still shows an active show a week after it was cancelled (their own home page, no less) is a joke.


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It's been heading in this direction for quite some time. Less and less people attending, so less and less vendors attending and the seminars aren't worth much anymore. There's little to no incentive to go, unless you wanna see every printer out there printing away tons of media for a few days. Oh, yeah, ya can catch up on all the latest LEDs, too.