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Utility Markers Wholesaler?


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Does anyone know where I can get a wholesale price on the fiberglass utility markers? I also need to get the installation driver.



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Alibaba is like Ebay or Amazon but on the international level. You have manufactures that sell their products on there and most are very familiar with the process of import/export into the USA. A majority of the suppliers are Chinese. I'm not familiar with any of the suppliers that are listed for the utility markers, but there are some multi-year gold rated members.

Purchasing through Alibaba offers a level of protection in the event that the supplier doesn't follow through with the order. Most of these companies make their whole living off Alibaba and if there is an issue Alibaba will shut them down until the issue is resolved. I've not had any issues. I've had customers that have had issues and as soon as they said they would file a complaint, they kicked it into gear.

We've also discovered that unless you buy in quantities based on container sizes the pricing is going to be similar to what you can get in the states.


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Thanks for the referral but I'd like to keep it in this country.
Good luck with that. You'll end up buying a product stepped on 5 times that comes from the same place. Speaking from experience in another business I'm involved with, the USA companies don't want to mess with you unless you are really big. I hate that it's that way but its the gods honest truth. We just tried working with the last US based supplier of a product we use and ended up having to go back to China to re-up our inventory.
We ran into the same thing with custom tooling for hole punches and injection molding. This country is not hungry for advancement anymore, the Chinese are and this is why they are where they are today. Say or think what you want but unless you have dealt with it, you don't actually know.