Uv protection for partial wrap


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Hi guys! I just printed a partial door wrap that Im gonna be installing without laminate. I can't remember who it was, but i read somewhere on here that I can spray some sort of UV protection spray onto the printed film once its installed? Supposibily the customer can spray it on every 2 months and the spray would protect it from the sun from fading and cracking. I think its made by 3m, but I couldnt find it, but I was able to find this on Amazon....

Any help is appreciated!!



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The thing is that I dont have a laminator. I can outsource the printing work along with the laminate from B2sign, but at the moment I m outsourcing from another person for way less, but they only do printing and no laminate....


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If I may suggest, Please use lamination. Real lamination. Your spray won't work. And if you plan on having a happy customer who wants to return... use lam...
also - You're going to have some ripping during install if you don;t..
For jobs in the future lookup signsbydale on here and pm him about a solution for laminating without a laminator. As for this project I would maybe even find another sign shop close by and see if they would laminate it for you. ClearStar liquid laminate would be my second choice.


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I think Clearshield would be the one to use on solvent ink prints.
Clearjet is solvent based and might ruin the print.