value jet 1614 error problems!!!!

Ive been having problems with my value jet the past few days. Im running a translucent job on 60" material unidirectional on 2cnt multi strike. The print runs fine and has been running fine for probably 3/4 of the print then it stops adn says E074Err CR2 current. I know the problem is something with the cr motor but i just changed the motor no more than a month ago. I am at a loss i dont now if it is some other problem that is causing the breaker in the motor to flip and shut off. I cant keep dropping prints and need to get this figured out soon so all your help would be appreciated! thanks


where is the head stopping? Check that both of the bottom bearings are there. I have seen the machine run until the friction becomes too much.


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When you roll the carriage back and forth are there any tight spots where it's hard to roll? Is the steel belt too tight? Grease the bearing raceways?

Why did you replace the motor? Was it for the same error?
we replaced the motor because it completely went out and the head errors out at the same point yes and ive looked at all the bearings and raceways everything seems fine. let me reiterate this is only happening when i am running the machine on MULTI STRIKE setting.
when i roll the carriage it seems fine it runs smooth and doesnt hang up anywhere but it does have a kinda rough sound while its running. Like i said i have checked the bearings and raceways and the printer was just cleaned over by myself and another employee within the last 48 hours ive looked the printer over and over and cant find anything visually wrong.


hi had the same error, here is how i fixed it.

YOu have to open the side cover on the opposite side of the print head, there you will see a plastic circular, it connected to the cr motor, you have to blow on it with air spray and wipe it with alocholo and try not put any finger prints on it. YOu may have to do it several times, but it works.
I have had the same error and it worked.


That circular disc you are referring to is actually part of the page feed motor, not the CR motor. That encoder disc would be related to a PF type error.