value jet VS roland?


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I try to find the best solution and i need your help.I need a printer plotter ( my first one ).

Fred Weiss

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Which brand is sold by the dealer that you have the most confidence in? Getting good support and training can be very important.


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I don't know each of them.About the support because i am to far from them is the most expencive think if i have a problem.About the quality?


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i have a mutoh and a roland i will tell you that when my mutoh went down it was 3 weeks before i saw support and when my roland went down it was next day if you like the option of printing and cutting at the same and the support then go with mimaki i have learned the hard way with mutoh though

Mike Paul

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The majority of the printer issue threads I read about have to do with the Mutoh brand. Roland customers seem very happy. I'm one.

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The old Mutohs were complete pains. Roland is a pretty well balanced machine but my preference goes toward the ValueJet right now.

i have a mutoh and a roland i will tell you that when my mutoh went down it was 3 weeks before i saw support

You will get absolute crap support unless you buy from a certified Mutoh support provider. Ask the dealer if their technicians are all trained and certified by Mutoh. If he says no and dances around the issue, find someone else.


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I would say if you want a great printer buy a colorspan. If you want to buy a printer that will pay for itsself quicker than any other set up, buy a Mutoh or a Mimaki. They will be able to print and cut with their seperate units.

Never print and Cut with inkjets in the same machine. you will get debris in the print mechanisms and the head costs too much to replace.
As for the Mimaki they are about the same package price but do not print the same quality nor do they have the overall quality that the mutohs have. I would say the mutoh is a better machine by far. The I2 interweave technology virtually elminates all banding issues. The head is a better unit and will be 5x easier to reset and align versus a JV"x". 2 go to, Mutoh is the 2nd largest manufacturer of wide format printers. If you want samples of a Mutoh Give me a call:

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I have noticed Mutoh machines only being good on there high end machines like the toucan NXPro
but then why pay the high price tag when you can buy a better machine for around the same price like a Vutek 150?
I think Mutoh gets a bad rap from all the troubles they had in the past.
We run mimaki printers without any gliches. Cant say that about Mutoh's