Need Help Valuecut vc-1800 via USB to Sai Flexi Production Manager 19 Settings

I am unable to use settings from Flexi production manager to override Vc-1800 presets.
I can choose values from the onboard cutter menu and speed, force, etc. function properly but when trying to use PM19 settings there is no change to the values set in the plotter menu.

I would like to be able to use PM19 to control for the convenience of doing presets in software, but my main issue is I can't get my "punch out" to function.
I can build the "vinyl"contour cut and the "backing" 2nd perforated contour cut so I should get a punch out style decal and the plotter will cut both but only at the force set into the plotter menu so it never cuts through the backing.

Is there something I'm missing in the software or in the plotter menu that would prevent my Production Manager from overriding the onboard plotter settings?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!