Vcarve cuts are cutting too deep


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I need some help. I am using Vcarve software and my cuts are cutting too deep. I have a 6mm material and need to cut 3mm deep .

My cuts were going all the way through. As a test i’ve rolled the cut back to .25mm but still going way too deep. See attached, please help! Anyone see anything wrong here?


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Not enough info. What bit are you using? What are you zeroing to? By your screenshot you're trying to do a V-cut with an endmill, and that alone is going to give you errors. You have to enter in the info on the V bit size, toolpath it as a V-cut with a flat bottom at 3mm.


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The screenshot shows a pocket toolpath. I've had this happen a couple of times in the past year, but with v-cuts. I found re-doing the design fixed the issue. Never did find a good reason why it happened, but in the interest of getting the job done, it was more expedient to just redo it.


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Agree that more info is needed, but just a few thoughts/observations:
- That's a pocket toolpath, not a v-carve toolpath; however, the blue lines and the state of the preview appear to indicate a v-carve path is in use. Did you perhaps edit the wrong toolpath before taking this screenshot? I think you want to use a v-carve path instead of pocket, and set the "flat bottom" depth to 3mm.
- Did you reset the preview between tests? Maybe you're just not seeing the results of your changes after the first attempt was too deep.


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Your setup is 0.25mm cut depth, using 1/8” end mill, cut in a single pass, and zeroed at exact top of your material.

Is your router and control set up same, metric mm units, with same 1/8” end mill, zeroed at upper surface?

And when you saved the gcode, did you select the correct post machine template?

Also, please show the job setup info panel.