vector into a brand?


thanks for looking. i have a customer that i have made a vector logo for, and they have a small 1 color vector that looks like a monogramed brand, such as a brand used on cattle to mark them. i am not really fluent in corel yet (x3). but they would like the logo to look more like an actaul brand on a cow or burnt onto wood would look. does anyone have any ideas on how i couold accomplish this. they also race chuckwagons all summer long. and i was thinking of making a decal with wood fill, to make it look like lumber, and then take their logo and make it look like it was burnt ( branded) onto the wagon.

hope someone can understand what i am looking for, and point me in the right direction.

:thankyou: Proline Decals


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Try some of the different fills in Corel. there are lots of them on there, and you can also create your own. Or a bevel effect might work too if you are going for a wood-burned look. Google up some pics of actual brands on cows and see how they look.