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Vector Software


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Hi all, i am new to vinyl cutting i have been using Vector eye software to vecot jpg's and other pictures we are after a really good vector program to victor our pictures ready to cut. Is there a nice easy program live vector eye to use.

Thank you in advance



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I have tried Wissen Traceline, but found it no better than the vector conversion in Signlab 6.1. Let us know if you find anything that works good.

Fred Weiss

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This new product, Imagaro Z seems to be causing quite a stir.

Speaking for myself, I've had reasonable success with Adobe Streamline.

FlexiSign now incorporates four different solutions for autotracing.

There isn't an autotracing application that will do it all. Most will perform a lot better if you pre-process your images in Photoshop or other image editors before autotracing. For first quality work, learn to use the pen tool and trace by hand.


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I generally fix the image up right in photoshop. Then I use the autotrace tool in flexi sign, export it as an .ai file and tweak it in Illustrator. Sometimes you can use the path/simplify option in Illustrator to help out.

thomas barth

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Gerber Composer

We have tried all sorts of trace programs, including Corel and Adobe apps. To our surprise, the raster to vector tool in Omega Composer works the best of all.


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the raster to vector tool in Omega Composer works the best of all.
__________________it should for the money you paid for it.....hehehehe. STREAMLINE is one of the best.....but like any program..TIME SPENT LEARNING HOW TO MAKE IT WORK PROPERLY is the best suggestion.