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VectorArt Mega 3

RJ California

New Member
Just curious if that was out yet? I thought it was going to be available in January.

Most of you will probably order this from Fred (Allied Computer Graphics). I thought it might be a cool deal if we all did. Fred's advice has saved me big bucks on several occasions and I really appreciate this site--- anyway, just a thought.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Thanks for the suggestion Rod. I would certainly second it.

Mega 3 just had the user guide sent to the printer yesterday. The printing and marrying of the CD's to the book typically takes another 4 to 5 weeks. I look to receive my initial inventory around the second to third week of March.

I haven't said much about it here because I wanted to have a look at the content before getting into any presentation or discussion. As a direct licensee as Express Clipart and a reseller as Allied Computer Graphics, I did see all the images as of yesterday evening and I should be ready to describe the new collection and open it up for order taking to those who are interested in a very short time.

Please bear with me.