Vehicle ad install - creative solution needed


So as I've been working on getting my media/advertising company going (and//or bringing about the apocalypse, depending on your perspective) I've run into a potential client with specific concerns. Running this past my local sign folks but thought I would ask here as well and see if you guys have any creative idea.

The situation is this: small buses that around the city. Proposed running advertisements on it via transit vinyl but the snag is that part of the time these vehicles are used for special events where they do not want the ads visible.

I thought of perhaps using magnets as a temporary cover but the siding is aluminum so that is out.

Frames that pierce the siding are out.

The vehicles do have one wooden bar running directly underneath the windows (on the outside of the vehicle, of course) that they use to attach banners, etc. I thought drilling in snaps, hooks, etc would work and use regular vinyl banners but there is no corresponding wood bar at the bottom to attach the bottom of the banner to.

I had also considered weighting the bottom of the banner but that seems like it would invite swinging and banging on the aluminum - not a good plan.

And finally it needs to be stable at expressway speeds.

Tough order, I know, but if I figured if anyone would have an idea, you guys would.

Thanks in advance.

J Hill Designs

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steel tape along the bottom, snaps on the wooden part, snaps in top of coverup banner, neodymium magnets sewn into the bottom hem?

edit: not sure about the 'expressway speeds' aspect, however...

4R Graphics

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The 3m d lock velcro would work just put it on all 4 sides.
Down side d lock is expensive.

You could just put new graphics on buses after special event (unless its real often)

Not the best looking idea but you could cover vinyl graphics with transfer tape and cheap vinyl then peel off after event.

Paint mask might work to cover up graphics not sure how sticky it really is but i dont think its sticky enough to pull the graphics up but could be wrong.


Hey thanks for the suggestions guy. Dual lock I've looked into before, problem is even if you could eventually get the adhesive off (if you needed to remove it at some point) optimum application requires scuffing the paint which I think they aren't going to like.

I was debating where the vehicles are actually aluminum sided or that was just a guess on the part of the person I spoke with. If not I thought magnets the same color as the vehicle could cover them for events, or perhaps a magnetic frame could be worked out for ads. I may have to doublecheck that angle.

I appreciate all the feedback. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to toss them out there.