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Hello, Does anyone know where the vehicle templates can be found or purchased individually? We do not want to purchase an entire library at this time.:thumb:


Individual Vehicle templates still available?

I couldn't find anywhere on that offered individual templates. We are not ready to purchase an entire library at this time. We just need a few vehicles at the moment. Any other places to get individual templates right now? I know this initial post is from last year, but I thought I'd resurrect it. Thanks for the help.


Make it yourself

Its always best to make it yourself. There are lots of places online that will guide you on how to do this. It is a much more dependable way to be sure of yourself. Plus, you will be able to see your clients vehicle ahead of time and look for aftermarket trim packages etc. to avoid.
I'm sure in the past two years the OP found what he was looking for.

I think you are right - they either got what they needed or moved on.
It still helps to bump a thread like this every so often (even 4 years later)

When I typed "Vehicle template 1995 Camaro" into Google, it brought me here. It's always good to drive new folks (and old folks like me) to Signs101

Besides, it helps Signs101 page ranks on Google
I realize that while the advice to make your own template is good if you have experience with Photoshop, enough to properly scale out a whole vehicle it's probably not for you. If not done properly it can cost you big time. Go for accurate quick and easy. Art station has a great template. Accurate and easy.