Vendor for sign frame. Any ideas?


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I wish I would have had my camera today because I saw exactly the sign frame I am looking for.

My feeble attempt at a description follows:

Posts were approximately 3 - 4" square (Closer to 3" I think, maybe even a touch smaller). They appeared to be made out of painted aluminum and were smooth on 3 sides. The side facing towards the other pole had a 1/4 - 1/2" channel the length of the pole.

The frame that held the sign proper then slid into that channel and from what I could tell spacers filled the space below the frame to adjust the height and above to finish it off.

The top looked like a push-in cap. Possibly metal but maybe plastic.

This frame was very impressive (to me) and exactly what I am needing to hold our new sign.

I apologize that I don’t have a better (more accurate) description but the wife was hollering at me to come along. She is getting *real* annoyed at me pointing out the virtually millions of vinyl signs all around.

I'll admit I never really paid attention myself until I got interested in the business.

Any help you fellas can offer is, as always, appreciated.


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Thanks, that is really close indeed. I'll give them a call Monday to get pricing.

Anyone else know of any other mainstream vendors offering a similar product?