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Suggestions Vendor to print 3.5pt font on silver matte polyester? Rush job, customer willing to pay...


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I have a customer who stepped in it big time (ran out of cert. labels and can't ship product) and needs a bunch of 2.175in x 0.55in labels with 3.5pt font made. A bunch is a few hundred, TBD exactly.

They use FLEXcon DigiPRO DGMS silver matte polyester and seem pretty adamant on sticking with that material. I don't know if there's anything special about that material that they absolutely need, so substitutes may be possible.

The example invoice they sent me only lists "0.66PFW Coated" as a laminate, so I don't have anything else to go on for the laminate.

They need them ASAP, like within the next few days. They will probably pay anything at this point (hint hint), but also want a secondary vendor going forward since their primary isn't reliable

Any takers?


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This is more a job for a label press like hp indigo or xeikon.. you could all so print it on a toner based printer/press. Not really a job for wide formar printer..


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That material has to be printed on an HP Indigo press in order to be UL certified, and laminated with certain laminates. Its surface is designed for Indigo inks.