Versa Art Coming-which Plotter Fits Best?


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My First Printer Is Coming In 3 Weeks, A Versart 54". I Currently Have A Graphtec 5100, 30", Which Doesn't Have Reg Mark Sensor. Here Are My 2 Options As I See It:
1) Upgrade To A New Graphtec 54"
Pros- Cuts 54" And Unstoppable
Cons- $5100.00. can't Cut From Versaworks

2) Roland Gx 500
Pros- Huge Discount Price $3100.00 Are They Dumping Them? it Cuts From Versaworks
Cons- Only Cuts 47". Half The Down Force Of A Graphtec. Quality?

Why Doesn't Roland Make A Bigger Plotter? I Think They Are Dumping These In Anticipation Of A New Bigger Model.
Is It That Convenient To Cut From Versaworks?


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Are you sure you can't cut from VW with the Graphtec? I'm not saying either way, but I'd think that you can generate crop marks that the Graphtec can see. You other [more expensive] option is a Summa, but they are a premium cutter. You might be able to get the lower-end SummaCut model that does have OPOS for contour cutting. I think that one comes in a 54" model.

Dave L.


Go with the graphtec, it's a much better machine. And you don't have to saw 4" off your roll! Don't worry about output, just print the reg and don't change the file.