Versa Works random "lock-up"


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This is a problem I've asked about in the past on this forum maybe 6 months ago or so and I was wondering if anyone has found a work around or fix for this issue of the software randomly locking up once you go to hit the "print" button? I can easily retain function of all of the commands within the software to change quality, cut vs. cut and print, center on media, etc... all of that. But with no rhyme or reason, occasionally when you hit the PRINT button, it locks up and I end up waiting 3 to 5 minutes for it shut down, then I restart the software and rarely does this happen twice in a row, but there are days it happens 4 to 5 times and then it can go weeks without it happening?

The Dell computer is a year and half old and has plenty of RAM and is used strictly in the print room.... no other accounting software running, this is a print room workhorse. I do have FlexiSIGN open for creating and designing, but I send it to VersaWorks to print. It's frustrating... anyone else still having this issue?

This isn't a VersaWorks bash... other than this bug, I have been satisfied with the software. But there is some mystery behind this that would be great to have cleared up.