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VersaCamm & Inconsistant Cutting


New Member
Hey all,

After wasting a number of prints trying to get this right, I figured I would post this up here in hopes that someone can point me int he right direction and save me wasting more materials. Im having some inconsistant cutting issue with cutting after laminating. I have the cutforce set at 100, and increased the cut depth several times. The link below shows what is happening. Some spots are cut perfectly straight and clean, others are jagged and rough, and yet others are hardly cut thru at all, leaving tabs of vinyl as I weed it. Would increasing the cut force or increasing the cut depth be the solution for this problem?




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I answered this on the other forum, but I will say it again over here for everyones benifit.

Make sure your heat is off when cutting laminated material. The front part of the vinyl is usually warmed more than the rest allowing for deeper cuts. This may or may not be your problem, but I have zero issues with cutting laminated vinyl.

1. You should also be using a 60 degree blade.
2. Your blade needs to be sharp.
3. again turn the heat off.