Versacamm Pinch Roll Error

Was wondering if anyone else has gotten pinch roll errors when the pinch rollers are in the right place. The sensor seems like it is working to some capacity because it pauses like it is reading the "left" (our right) roller. It just bypasses the other end comes back and gives an error message.


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Cut Carriage Cable, Cut Carriage board, Pinch Roller Sensor... could be any of these

My 2 cents, replace the cut carriage cable and 2 mylar guides.
You have a bad cut carriage cable.... 99% for sure! Replace the cable (1/2" flat white wires, and the 2 plastic guides . Usually the guides get ink or dirty and begin to stick to the cable..this starts the cable to "slap" and break the wires inside...this is why you may be able to have it work for a minute...then fail the next...or completely fail all together. Be SURE to UNPLUG your printer before doing ANY electrical work!!!

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The problem is the sensor is covered in residue from over spray. Do you have any rust colored overspray residue on the print carriage? this is the sign


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I have the same issue, however i rubbed the sensor eye and like magic it worked! however this is an ongoing problem and i believe it is a temp fix.

My question is where can we buy the cut carriage able and the guides that sit around it?
Any sources?
Give can me a call if you like, I can help with your parts and give you advise about installing the cable...and be SURE to UNPLUG your printer before doing ANY electrical work. I think the cable is about $20-$30 and the guides are $5-$8 each...pretty cheap. Or you can call your local Roland Dealer for the parts and advise.


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I have a ribbon cable for an SP! $20 bucks plus shipping. Never used..they sent me the wrong one and no return was necessary...So ,if it is of use to you..let me know. Ummm..not sure if the Mylar cover strips included..probably, I can check if you are interested.
I was able to finaggle it and make it work for a little while. It finally went completely up yesterday. I forgot that I posted and in a panic called my dealer/tech $317 to fix this $22 part. It hurt but I'm back making money. Thank you all for your offers of help!!!!:U Rock:
I hope the dealer cleaned the area of ink and dirt...this is something you can do to help extend the life. Once the guides get sticky with ink/dirt they grab onto the cable then start to "slap" back and forth breaking the wires inside the cable. Keep the area clean and your printer will perform best. Use alcohol to clean the area and watch out for your encoder strip not to get dirty.