Versacamm pump upgrade help please.sp300


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I've installed the new pump and that went well. The new pump makes that clicking noise but I understand that is normal.
I currently have firmware v1.4 but I'm trying to update to v6.2

When I try to update the firmware the sp300 does not appear on the list of printers available. Just my desktop printer shows on the list. I rebooted but that didn't help.
In control panel it shows the Roland as offline. When I check the properties it shows as connected to my USB port.
How do I get the sp300 into the list in the updater?

Also after replacing the pump, when I start the sp300 I get sheet set error that I cant seem to get rid of.
I also replaced the flex cable that goes to the cutting head at the same time.
Are these problems connected?


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Ok, I unplugged the desktop but now nothing shows in the list in the updater
Thanks anyhow. I'm hoping my tech guy will reply to my e-mail today.
Would you phone him on Mothers day?


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Made some progress...but..

Un-installed versacamm driver and re-installed and that allowed me to continue the firmware update. Also did the Max ink switch. I get an invalid right pinch roller position message and can't seem to get that to go away.
The sensor check function doesn't seem to check anything.