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versacamm sp-300 problem


New Member
Hey guys
any of you versacamm owners had any problems of the machine not wanting to print anything longer than 28 inches?
I was using color rip that came with it and it will not let me print over 28in long?

Is this a software configure problem or what's going on i have flexi but have yet to learn it mabe it is the limitation of rolands software or just me being a DOOF.

thanks in advance

oh yea it comes up after ripping it with the dancing ants on what it is not going to print

any clues?

paul luszcz

New Member
The section you describe as dancing ants actualy sounds like ColorRip's way of defining an area outside the print margins.

In this case, the rip thinks you want to print the image horizontally (in landscape mode) and the VersaCamm only prints about 28" wide.

Rotate the image 90 degrees and try again.


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thanks I will try that
That waskily training guy told me right the opposite
i will try for sure
thank you

i knew it was simple


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Not real familiar with this version of Color Rip but the first
thing that comes to mind is to check your media size entered
and the orientation of the graphic i.e.…horizontal / vertical.



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You can also rotate it in the RIP BEFORE you Rip & Print. Open the EPS in Colorrip, and then look on the left there's INFO, SIZE, etc., tabs.

That training gives you enuff information to confuse the hell out of you....then they leave.

Good Luck!


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I totally agree i wiould have done better by just reading and trial and error by the time he left my wife and I both were like What the !$*&% was that.

Thanks guys


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I haven't had any real problems printing out anything large. My second day on the machine, I sent a 24" x 72" though and it printed out fine! I later printed a 27" X 96" though, and that printed out fine as well. I did try printing out the same file later... but unfortunately left the machine along and took off for awhile. Little did I realize that I had sent (X2) to print! I had about 16' of winkled vinyl all over the floor! I think I might have had the vinyl in the machine a little crooked, so I think if I checked that a little more carefully before I printed, I really think the machine would have actually had no problems printing out a 16 footer! :) I also feel I need to slow down the "return speed"? It will pull all of that material back through the machine and start cutting way too fast! I know how to adjust the cut force / speed, but I need to slow the machine down when it moves from area to area? Does anyone know how to do this? (I'm sure it is in my manual, I just never have time to read all of that stuff! (LOL!) ...but I do have time to write all of this though! (LOL!) -Dave