VersaCamm SP-300V Post Storage Head Cleaning


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I was just given an SP-300V which was professionally refurbished in 2019, used for about a year then sat for another year. After running a medium and a heavy clean, Black and Cyan both print on a test print but no Yellow or Magenta. Ink levels are above 80% for all four cartridges. Would further heavy cleaning or some other type of cleaning be likely to restore the other two colours, or is it best to just replace the print head?

If so, any recommendations for suppliers in Western Canada?



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pinch off the hoses, under the capping station.
take a syringe & fill capping station with flush or cleaning fluid
get head back in position sealing to capping station
let soak overnight, then do a couple cleanings

you may find that a drain hose is clogged.
after a year, even the head that is printing will benefit from an overnight soak.

we have an OLD fj-52 & now that i am talking about this, i may drive to the shop and do the same thing to it.
it has new heads about 2 years ago, but i have lost the discipline of sending a small job every day & it seems to get used less and less

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After you do the above and if it's still not the greatest you can connect a syringe to the line after the capping station and try to pull ink through, that usually helps completely revive it if the head soak didn't get the full thing and the head is still good. I would also replace the capping stations and maybe even the dampers if it's been over a year since last changed.


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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give those a try first! In regards to the cleaning supplies, is it best to use a proper Roland kit or can the fluids, syringe and swabs be sourced easily from stores?