VersaCamm SP-300V


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My VersaCamm SP-300V is around 3 years old. When I do a test
print from the printer I get lots of those horizontal lines missing.
I did several "Powerful" cleans, but it only improved a very slight.
When the test print is done using Versaworks, the CMYK color
bar prints CMMY instead of CMYK and also the quality is terrible.
It started happening when I decided to change the wiper blades
and general cleaning of the print heads. Previously it never happened
after changing the wiper blades and cleaning the heads. Also I noticed
there was a lot of magenta ink dried at the bottom where the wiper blades are. Since the day my machine was brought, it has been plugged in with
a break of not more than an hour or so once or twice in 3 years.
My printer is idle now, can anyone tell me how to get my VersaCamm printing the way it should?


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A service call to the local tech could help. The replacable parts need replaced on a regular basis. Welcome from PA
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Damper issue

I assume that you mean that you are not seeing a yellow test patch... but show two magenta test patches.

If this is true--at the very minimum--you will need the yellow damper replaced (you are getting backflow)

If you haven't had any service in the past three years, I'd invest in a significant service. Have your tech replace all four dampers, the two cap tops, ensure the pump has been upgraded, tension the carriage cable, do a head alignment, and possibly even replace the cut carriage cable. Parts would be less than $300 for everything... and it's approximately a two hour service for a skilled technician (a little more if the pump needs replacing). It will keep you going for another year, and help your prints continue to look great!

PM me if you do not have a preferred technician in your area and would like a referral.