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Versacamm Users Check it out


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Versacamm Users I have a section of my site devoted to information on the versacamm. Profiles, Materials, Tips and Tricks, ect. it is free to all to use

URL: www.mastersignwizard.com/versacamm

User Name: versacamm
Password: help
(some times it will ask you for the user name and password more than once I am working on fixing that)

the site is a work in progress and I update it all the time as I get new information. I am always willing to help anyone the has or wants to get a versacamm.


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Ocean Designs said:

Do you plan to expand your help data to include the SC540EX as well?
Looks like he is a sign shop that owns a Versacamm and is putting all of what he has learned on a web page for others to see. Most of the info minus the profiles should be good for the SC540EX as well since the inks are the same (minus LC & LM).