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VersaCamm v/s Edge...material cost???


New Member
Does anyone know what the material cost comparisons are between the VersaCamm and the Edge for sq. footage output? Trying to get together a package for the money man, although, I think we're going to get put off for another 6 months.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I seem to recall the Versacamm was quoted averaging around 30¢ per square foot for the ink. It depends on what resolution you print at and how dense the coverage is.

Gerber foils, at list, average 60¢ to 75¢ per square foot per color. 3rd party foils are about 50% to 60% of that.

Vinyl is the same regardless.

So a 4 color print on HP vinyl at 80¢ per foot would be $1.10 on the Versacamm and about $3.60 on the Edge. More than triple.