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Hello, anyone here use a versacamm? Waht kind of maintenance have you had, cost of inks, basicly is it a good machine. Thanks in advance.


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Slow but consistent

Great machine but it only has 2 print heads which makes it slow. easy to load, great profiles with the versaworks rip software. we have a 54" machine, our tech support is great from our local company Innowave Sollutions, Charleston, SC.


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Can not imagine how we got along before we had it, actually on printing we did not really get along well at till we got our Versa Camm SP 300, wish I had sprung for the 540 now.


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We have been running our SP540 V for the past year and the only issue we had was a Scan Motor Error, which turned out to be some dust or something on the scanning strip.

Running costs are inexpensive and the quality is spot on when using the correct profiles for the materials.



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Same as 'gtjet' ...wish I would have waited a month and got the 540! Love my SP-300, not a moments trouble in a year and a half.


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I have had my 300v for a year now. Great machine when working. We have had the pump, circuit board, dampers and one other thing (I forget what it was) replaced. The tech support is good thru the company I purchased it from. (VSS) I to wish that I had sprung for the 540v. That may still come ;)


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540V for 8 mths and love it!!! It has not stopped running yet, the business for me seemed to follow?


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Yes, the 540 machine is excellent. I can't imagine how we did without it, like a previous poster said. We run tons of vinyl through it. Running banners is as close to printing money as you can get. Get yourself a grommet machine, run 13oz material and bam! Instant money.

Had it 6 months or so. No issues yet. Hard working machine. You do have to load the proper ICC profiles, though. After that you're good to go.