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Versaworks - Any way to save Perf Cut Contour Settings?


New Member
Greetings folks,

Using Versaworks 5.5.0 - does anyone know how to permanently store the PerfCutContour settings in the job queue? - When I import a print//perfcontourcut job into the queue, Versa recognizes that it is a perf cut job an displays the perforated cut control menu in the cut control tab screen.. however it always comes up with the default settings of 170 gf cutting pressure, 1.968 perf length and .019 normal pressure length. I can find no way of permanently setting these to a more reasonable set of parameters from the media I am using.

anyone have any ideas?



Joe House

New Member
That's the problem white Haus. The queue settings don't include perfcut settings. Let your Roland dealers and reps know that this is a major need in VersaWorks and VWDual. Maybe if they get enough requests, it will make it to the drawing board.