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I was printing a poster today when I noticed the color changed on some text. My customer sent me a PDF file that she created with Quark and I sent it to the printer (XC-540) with VersaWorks and when it prints part of the letters change from red to black. I had the same thing happen with another of her posters last week.

Is this something others have experienced?
Is this an issue with Quark PDF files or VersaWorks?

I opened the PDF file in illustrator to make sure that the text was all red and sure enough it is. I attached a screen shot of the artwork and a photo of the printed poster. I print EPS files 95% of the time with zero problems. I’ve printed PDF files in the past with no issue as well some of which were created using Quark. I resaved the PDF file in illustrator and still did the same thing. Tried to save it as an EPS file but it was 400+ mb and when I went to open it in VW it said the file was corrupt.

Just thought I would ask the experts.


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I have run into the same issues on our Soljet running Versaworks. I had to resturize the file, and that fixed it up for me. I think it has to do with the layers, but I am not too sure.


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Well I figured it out, I think...

If you convert the color mode to RGB and re-save the PDF it prints fine. I don't know why it works but it does. I design everything in CMYK in all my applications: Flexi, Photoshop, Corel, and Illustrator with no problems. For some reason the CMYK colors from Quark don't work well with VersaWorks. The colors shift a little when converting to RGB but it's better than having letters turn colors. I hope someone will know what the root cause of this problem is so that we can continue to use Quark pdf files that were designed with CMYK. For now this seems to work.
could be a different ICC profile when saved in Quark. I haven't used Quark in at least 10 years, so I don't recall any of the settings at all, but that could cause it to shift. It could also be the way it was exported to pdf too.

Glad you found a working solution to the color issue!