Versaworks IP


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Hi everyone, I am haveing troubles to get the IP adress hooked up for my printer I have tried everything How do I do it? any help would be great

Thanks Mike


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Do you have the "Net Tool" software installed as well? You need to have this installed first to assign the IP address.


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Knowing what machine you have might help.

I am assuming that you have the Version of VersaWorks that came with your machine (not purchased aftermarket with the hardwarelock).

If its one of the older machines sc540 sc545 sp versacamm series (sorry the model numbers escape me), then Mike is right. The print server net tool will allow you to assign an IP address to the machine.

If you have one of the newer manchines xc vp v series.
Then you have to set the IP address internally in the machine.

From the menu select SYSTEM INFO > NETWORK > IP ADDRESS.
details instructions can be found in your manual.
are you running a server at the place where the system is installed you can identify devices through the server i've treid net tool pain in the arse for some reason i did manually