VersaWorks not reading cut lines


So... I have a print/cut file. I'm setting it up like I always do. Cut lines as CutContour, same stroke width and on top of the print... But when i bring it into VersaWorks its reading the cut lines as a white outline and not cut lines. This has happened to two files in two days. I've brought in previous print/cut files and those are still reading correctly. I've copy and pasted into and out of the previous files and still no go... What I don't get is when I split the file into 2 layers and save each as it's own file... One to print and one to cut... it reads just fine.... But as soon as I put the print back under the cut its back to a white outline...

What am I missing????

Thanks in advance...



Just Me
Are you using transparency? Or any type of effect? (drop shadow, glow, etc)?

None of those are compatible with Versaworks... you have to flatten the image. Easiest way is to just pull it into Photoshop and save in your preferred format (We use max quality jpgs for most raster art)


Flattened transparency... and problem solved...

Thanks a ton guys... I was about to start pulling my hair out....

:U Rock: