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Versaworks on SP300

the snowman

New Member
Can anyone help me?
I have a Versacamm SP 540V with Versaworks software. It is running perfectly well. I have just purchased a small Versacamm SP 300 also.
The SP 300 will only work with Colorip. I cannot use Versaworks to run it.
Roland say that there is a different motherboard on the SP-540V and SP-300V
models that enable Versaworks to run them (hence the 'V') Does anybody know how I can run my smaller SP 300 using Versaworks? :help:


New Member
You cannot run Versaworks on an older non "V" machine, nor can you run ColorRip on the newer "V" machines.

The easy solution is to buy Wasatch SoftRip which is an expanded version of ColorRip (More features) which will run both machines. SoftRip is superior to Versaworks in just about every way.

I believe you can pickup a Roland only version of SoftRip for about $1,500
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