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Versaworks Swatches between Printers


New Member
Hey Guys!
Curious about this for some time now, mostly for my own knowledge...

If two different ROLAND printers (of same model or even of different models) run the same versa works swatch (PR07K for example) same vinyl, etc. will both printers produce nearly the same color? Or are those swatches specific to each machine as well?

Reason being, if someone suggests a certain color swatch for a pantone because it's the closest on their printer, are all the Roland printers profiled to convert those versa works swatches to the exact same color?

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
Nope. Gonna be different - or at least there is no guarantee that they will print the same. Currently there are 3 different inks that Roland has EcoSol, EcoSol Max and Tru Vis, which will all give different colors. Then there are the various printer models, using different heads and different print speeds, then there are the individual variances between different printers of the same models that can affect how the prints come out and finally you can trip things up by using different settings and different environmental conditions.
All that being said, they will likely be close. It just depends on what your tolerance for color variation is as to whether or not it will be acceptable.

Good Luck,