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Versaworks Tilling


New Member
I need to urgently tile a print job and I don't want to wast a large amount of material.

Can anyone tell me how to do this. I have attached the image from within Versaworks.

Basically there are 2 part tiles from 2 images in the queue, all I want to do is print these 2 part images side by side rather than one after the other. I have the media to print side by side but I cannot find a way in VersaWorks to do it. I have tried Signlab and have been told by a user here in Ireland that it cannot be done in Signlab.

Hence going to VersaWorks.

My brother in law has Flexi Pro and we have done something similar onto his Rockhopper within Flexi. Please don't tell me that Flexi are the only people to have thought of this. I would have thought that it would be a function most people who print wraps would need.

Looking forward to an answer if possible,




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    VersaWorks Tile.JPG
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In your job settings you can go to Clip & Tile at the bottom of the window and turn on the "Number of tiles" selection. Increase it to 2 (assuming your graphic will fit) Set your overlap if desired, and that should fix you up.