VersaWorks variable data - How to?


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There is no how-to in the manual. Does anyone have a step by step? We're using FlexiSign, converting to an eps then printing/cutting. We also ha ve the Adobe Suite 2. Looks like we need a txt file which I can create in either Preview (Mac equiv. to NotePad) or Word.



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The help in Versa shows how to do it.
I just did it last week using the Help as a guide.

I think there is also a PDF on the Roland site.
In your Excel spreadsheet columns
If you want to add one number more to the cell above - simply place a "1" in cell 1A, then in the cell below (cell 1B) click on it and click the equal sign (=) then click back to cell 1A and type +1. This will add 1 to the cell above. Then, simply copy cell 1B (there is now a formula that you are copying) to however many cells (numbers you wish to have added) to the cells below 1B. ie: copy 1B down to 1X will give you that many numbers. Easy....once you have done it one time...really!


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I'm also trying to use variable data with FlexiSign and Versaworks but the "Enable Variable Data Printing" option is grayed out. I'm saving the template file as eps. Any suggestions?:help



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Assuming you are using Versaworks 3.0 Read here: a PDF copy can be found here

Q. How do I create the variable data fields for VersaWorks?
A. Simply create an Excel spreadsheet with the desired fields and input the required data into the correct columns. The first row of the column specifies the field name and must be unique. The field name should be specified with “VDP_” along with the type of information like “VDP_Name” or “VDP_Photo.” The Excel spreadsheet must then be saved as CSV or text format.
When you create your design in Illustrator or CorelDRAW, create a rectangular placeholder for each variable data area, outline it with a spot color and name the spot color exactly the same as the ”VDP_” information used in the Excel spreadsheet.

Q. Are there any limits to the variable data printing capability?
A. There is a limit of 20 unique variable data fields that can be accommodated in VersaWorks, as well as a maximum of 250 variable data copies per job.
Another benefit of the VersaWorks Variable Data process is that the job template is only processed once (no matter how many variable data copies) so only the much smaller variable fields require additional processing. This dramatically reduces processing time, especially on larger jobs.

Q. What types of elements can be used in the variable data printing option?
A. Various elements can be used with the Variable Data Printing option. Image files such as EPS, PS, TIFF and JPEG along with Excel text can all be used in a design. As long as they are defined correctly, listed properly and linked to the correct field, VersaWorks will populate them as well as allow for simple editing.

Q. What kind of editing can be done in the variable data printing option within VersaWorks?
A. Attributes such as font type, size and color can easily be changed as well as alignment or effect. You can also change the image size, rotate it and choose the alignment and opacity.
You can find help at the HELP tab on Versaworks...go to Help then click on the 2.2 version, there you will find help for the Variable Data and Color Library...check out the other versions 3.0 etc...


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Varible data error

I've created the csv file and it only has 100 rows. I get this prompt and it only allows four rows to appear. Help?
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