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Vinyl coming off wall


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Using Avery 2105 ezrs. 3m 8050 lam. Keeps coming off paint. Tried using heat. No help. After a while starts to come off. Any tips? Cleaned with 70% iso. If I have customer repaint. What paints do you recommend. We did their location and it stuck perfect.


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That wall is far too textured for standard vinyl. We've gotten away with IJ39 on similar, but it wasn't as textured as that one.


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All paints are low VOC so you will probably have the same problem. It would be easy to use a traditional wallpaper stock instead of vinyl. The Roma 880 paste will act as a primer on the wall which will allow your material to stay on.


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the main problem is the paint on the wall is low VOC as presented earlier. you could use something like 3M 180 LSI (this is designed for low evergy surface paint and items) or Mactac Rebel H or Arlon 8200. I don't know if Avery makes a film for this.

Oddly enough you could do a paint test prior to printing and installing to check the adhere-ability of the vinyl. 3M has this outlined pretty well in many documents.


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Texture + Low VOC = bad combo

need a different material, more aggressive,
if repainted, we have them leave the surface as a primer is possible.

+1 for doing a test run on adhesive


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That wall is so textured, I'd be tempted to use Rough Surface Wrap like a ORAFOL ORAJET 3951HT 2 MIL 7YR or ARLON DPF 8000 3.5 MIL 5YR

All these modern wall paints have additives meant to improve cleanability which repel most vinyls. Even with the higher adhesive vinyls, you still have to make sure the paint is cured out for a couple weeks and you pretest for adhesion.

Johnny Best

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With that texture and not doing a test I would not have use an air easy apply calendered vinyl.
Home Depot carries a interior clear waterbase sealer you might want to paint over the wall before applying new copy.


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The wall have too much texture for your vinyl. Use Gardz sealer over the existing paint and you will never have any problem with any vinyl. If you have to repaint, use shervin-williams proclassic with gardz sealer. If you install vinyl on a primed only wall, you are asking for troubles.


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So customer doesnt want to repaint. The paint is a couple years old. I am trying to find something I have in stock to redo the job tomorrow, or monday. If i have to order something seems like people suggest. arlon 8000, ij480, i dont like orajet, had rolls fail in the past. I do have in stock ij180cv3, ij175, avery 1105, arlon slx cast. For laminate i would like to go matte, and only option i have in stock is 8050, which isnt cast but non pvc. So i would have to order a cast luster or matte.


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Can you cut lettering out easily of dpf 8000 or the rebel H? I should be able to laminate either with my matte 8050 3m?
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You can cut lettering out of DPF8000 just fine. When we have done interior wall lettering with it we have not laminated it. You don't want the thickness, and UV exposure isn't a problem. This is a job we did with that in a high school library.


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Here's one we did on a textured wall with DPF8000 but we laminated it. We had to heat and roller it because of the laminate making it so stiff.


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Andy D

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I have had issues with vinyl failing even on a smooth wall.
The issue is not only low VOC but they're putting silicone in paint for resisting smudges and febreze scents...
I do not recommend vinyl applied to paint at all, and if the customer insists, it's on them.


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I do a good amount of indoor graphics. For cut vinyl use Oracal 751 and post heat and use firm pressure. I've also used 480 laminated for printed


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its best to not have a laminate on wall graphics, its also best to have a smooth wall. Even better to make the wall a little warm when installing