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Vinyl Cutter


I'm new to the board. I'm interested in purchasing either a new or used cutter. I would like some advice. I'd like to spend around 2K. I'm thinking a 24" maybe 30.

I currently own an embroidery company and we are adding heat applications as well as signage. I will be using Adobe Illustrator for graphics.

Any advice is gladly taken.

Also, can you give me some feedback on Allen Datagraph as well as the others on the market.

Thank you,

Stitchery By Design.

Fred Weiss

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Among the brands of plotters who enjoy a reasonable satisfied customer base you will find:

  • Allen Datagraph
  • Graphtec
  • Summa
  • Gerber
  • Roland
  • Anagraph
  • Mimaki
  • Ioline
and perhaps some I've omitted.

Much depends on who you will be acquiring the equipment from and I strongly recommend asking the same questions of a trusted dealer with whom you may already have a relationship.


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Just bought a new Allen Datagraph at the day job, very nice machine, good tracking, easy to use, great cuts, although haven't tried smaller than .35" text yet. They are located in New Hampshire, so its convinient if we have problems.

Seeing your on the west coast, maybe look at summa, they're located on the west coast where you can get service if needed. I'd look into graphtec also, not sure where they are located. Also, ask about what they can throw in with the cutter that will allow you to output from your software to your cutter.

What are you thoughts on a used Allen Datagraph 824 that was purchased new in 1997. Is that too old? Drivers are still available...
How old is too old?

Stitchery By Design...

Fred Weiss

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Is the used machine available locally? If so, ask to have it brought into your shop, hooked up and test run.

If not, are you comfortable doing your own installation without support?
I'm okay with setup...I'll figure it out if not I have a few friends that can help. I just want to make sure the plotter/cutter is worth the investment. It's not local. It will run me about $700.00