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Vinyl cutter


New Member
I know I mentioned this before I am looking for a basic cutter for my enclosed trailer. Has anyone heard of the 2 below if so has anyone used these and of the 2 which one would you get. Thanks




Sticker Dude

New Member
heard of them from ebay never saw them do anything if it just a small oe go with the master off ebay you cant beat that price
You already know that there are plotters from a few hundred on up. What is your budget? It will be easier for someone to direct you. Please don't say as cheap as possible - we already know that.

As for which company to deal with - call Ordway. They seem to be very decent people and straight shooters. They are the ones marketing the Graphicut, which I believe is identical to the JSI.


New Member
Ordway is the one selling the cutters on ebay. I will check them out. I want one to store in the trailer. Thanks
They both sell them on Ebay. I can say that we have never bought from Ordway (only because of their location) but I can also say that we have spoken to them on numerous occasions and I would not have any issues dealing with them - they seem like very decent people.

The Graphicut should be a GCC plotter (don't hold me to it), which they had changed to black, because they were showing up everywhere. If you were not in the way up in the "hills" (LOL), our vendor could handle it, but since you are up there, these guys should be able to get you quick shipping and service.

Just FYI, they will talk to you and answer 1,000,001 questions without hesitation, and tell you the truth (like it or not). If you go to that extent, trust me on this, just buy it from them - they reward loyalty - the old fashioned way (unlike some of these "volume" places). :smile: