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Where do I look for the series letters/numbers? On the outside of my summa is only a sticker which reads, "Vinyl Express Trax".


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I see you have listed..."SummaCut D60" in your equpment/software list. I have a Summa plotter I'm trying to learn to operate (bought used) and tried to search for info about it but the only identifying text on it says, "Vinyl Express Trax". Is it that this is just an older model and it doesn't have a "D60" type model number or is there somewhere else, maybe inside the cover of the machine to look? I'm not finding anything when I'm searching for Vinyl Express Trax.

Fred Weiss

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Somewhere on your plotter there should be a manufacturer's nameplate which will contain the manufacturer's name, serial number and model number. From the name though, an educated guess would be that it is a rebranded plotter sold at one time or another by Sign Warehouse because they use the brand name of Vinyl Express on some of their plotters.

Jon Gripp

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Hi wannabe,
The Vinyl Express Trax was a Signwarehouse product that was made for us by GCC, we sold the Trax around 8 years ago. It used the milled grid drums which gave the machine excellant tracking capabilities. Over several years this machine became the Ultra and then the Panther as GCC continued to make changes and improvements.

It would appear the person selling you the Trax thought that the machine was a Summa, but I don't think so.

Here is some helpful info, I am providing links for blades and bladeholders, etc.

I hope this helps,


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i surely hope that the person that sold you this did not lead you to believe you were purchasing a summa machine as there is a world of difference


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Actually, I bought a shop that threw in 3 plotters he had acquired. The Vinyl Express Trax name I Googled and found a couple of links that associated it with Summa. My bad. I posted this thread from that misinfo. The machine cuts beautifully but I was hoping for any other info while I'm learning to operate it. I was just messing around with it today and managed to cut a few test items and I was impressed how smooth and clean it works but the experience was just blindly experimenting. We use an Ioline for just about everything right now but I'd love to get these others figured out to see if they're working or are they merely doorstops. So far I think I like this one. I did find a notebook with "Sign Warehouse" on it today with more technical info. I apologize for the assumption that my net search led me to believe it was a Summa product.
Jon, thanks for the links and you are right, Fred.


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Charli, No need to appologize. We all were just hoping you didnt get ripped off by paying name brand prices... for something that isnt.