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vinyl express

steve hernandez

New Member
I'm new to sign making, i just bought a used vinyl express 12" and signlab5. I have no problem getting vinyl to cut with my desktop but am not able to cut with my laptop. My laptop has only usb ports, I've tried a docking station with serial and parallel ports with no luck, also a usb to serial and usb to parallel cables with no luck. There must be something that I'm not understanding here. i would love some help. thanks


New Member
Your only option would be to use the usb to parallel cable. Unless your laptop has a serial port you can use it if your plotter/software support it. In your preferences of signlab make sure you select the usb port and not parallel port (LPT1).


New Member
I use Flexi and i had a problem where i could not cut from my laptop and it turned out to be that Flexi uses TCPIP (as a Dial up internet connection would use) and i use High Speed Internet and did not have it installed.


New Member
Steve, I would go to the cadlink's website(signlab) and search the knowledgebase there. I remember seeing something about usb ports and setting them up in the past.

You'll have to sign up first, but it's free, and then get into the knowledge base and search for usb, laptops etc.