Vinyl for aluminum tanker?


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I have a customer looking to have his logo put on some aluminum tankers, around a 2'x4' size. I know he has had problems in the past with peeling vinyl and I'm wondering if there is any certain inkjet vinyl made for this application or specific technique or edge sealing that would make them last longer?

My initial thought is to use something like oracal 3951 non ra since it has a more aggressive adhesive but maybe that really wont help.

Any suggestions or experiences are much appreciated.


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If you check with 3M, I know they make a specific vinyl for tankers. I've installed it before but don't know the name. I will say it's extremely aggressive. I would work with a scrap piece first.



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I've used simple Avery A6 or above and I have had no problems - Just did another one the other day and it stuck just fine. As a matter of fact - the one I did 2 years ago was in the lot and other then it being beat up - like tankers get the vinyl was holding up just fine.