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Vinyl Installation :: Pink Flames

Renato Pinto

Graphics Manager
Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you had installed graphics like the attached image?
We've ordered some pink oracal 651 but now i'm thinking that thats not the best way to go about it.

Should i just print and contour cut the pink? There's some pretty heavy curves so I don't know. Any ideas or tips would be super helpful!



  • Vehicle Flame Renderings.jpg
    Vehicle Flame Renderings.jpg
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Active Member
If you're using Oracal, 651 is the wrong material. 951 is what you need. 751 would probably be OK too. For a one color job like that, and especially where a shockingly bright color is desired, cut vinyl is far preferred over printed. It will last longer and is thinner as well.


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651 is going to be hard to install.
you want a better grade, ideally one with air release / repositionable.

Using a plotter vinyl is better VS printed for longevity.
Use a paper transfer, start in the middle and work out using the "triangle method" for installation