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Need Help Vinyl not sticking to surface

One of the units that we wrap (photo attached) has been wrapped and peeled 50+ times now and the stock protective finish/varnish has been completely removed and we are struggling to get our vinyl to stick.

The current method is to spray a little Gorilla Glue adhesive before wrapping but its messy and the wrap has to go on perfect the first time. No room for error with this method. Also a pain in the ass to peel upon return.

Was curious if there were any recommendations for a long term solution? A new protective finish I can spray/paint on to restore it back to its original surface (or at least one that allows vinyl to stick).

The area we are sticking to is the black fiberglass frame. Not the screen.

Thank you


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Is there an actual graphic being applied to it or is it just the color that keeps changing?

Why not paint it if you have the facilities and its all one color?

What is the use of this door that demands such frequent changes to it?